Understanding Call Bets in Roulette

Call bets, also known as announced bets, are a unique feature of European roulette games. These bets, which can be both inside or outside bets, can only be placed with the assistance of a croupier. They are characterized by specific patterns and combinations and are not commonly found in all types of roulette games.

Some common call bets include:

  • Voisins du Zero: This bet covers numbers adjacent to 0 on the wheel.
  • Tiers du Cylindre: A bet covering one-third of the wheel, opposite to the Voisins du Zero.
  • Orphelins: This is a bet on numbers not included in either the Voisins du Zero or Tiers du Cylindre bets.

Exploring Final Bets

A final bet is an inside bet where players can place chips on all numbers ending in the same digit. For instance, a final bet on the number 5 would include 5, 15, 25, and 35. This type of bet is not available in all casinos and offers a high payout of 11:1.

Understanding Maximum Bets

The maximum bet, also known as a full bet, is a strategy where players place all inside bets on a specific number, utilizing the table’s maximum betting limit through a progressive betting strategy. Each bet and the wager amount are specified by a token displaying the player’s identity.

For example, if a player decides to make a complete bet on number 17, the croupier will include all bets involving the number 17. This bet is known as “17 to the maximum” and would require 40 units or $40,000 in total, potentially resulting in a hefty payout of $392,000.

Imprisonment Bet in Roulette

An imprisonment bet is a special type of roulette bet commonly found in European games. If an imprisoned bet wins, the player will only receive their initial bet back instead of the full payout, ultimately lowering the house edge for even money bets and benefiting the players.

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