Is it Possible to Cheat at Online Casino Games?

There is a question that often arises on the internet: can you cheat at online casino games? The simple answer is no, you cannot. Online slots and casino table games such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat operate using random number generator (RNG) software, making them essentially cheat-proof. This is undoubtedly good news for those who advocate for fair play in the gambling industry.

While cheating may occur in physical casinos, such as through card marking, sleight of hand, or electronic devices, it is impossible to cheat in online casino games due to the technology that powers them. This allows players to enjoy their favorite games without the worry of being cheated out of their money.

The most common method of cheating in a physical casino involves colluding with an insider, typically a dealer, to carry out a criminal conspiracy. The dealer may use various tricks to assist the conspirators in their cheating endeavors. For instance, they may utilize false shuffling in blackjack or baccarat, resulting in the deck being loaded with certain cards at the top. Players involved in the scheme can then track these cards and bet accordingly.

Another method of collaboration in scams includes card marking, where dealers and players use various techniques to mark cards in their favor. This can be done through infrared markers, bending corners, denting cards with chips, or scraping ink off with a razor. The marked cards can then be strategically used to the cheater’s advantage.

Identifying these cons can be challenging, which is why casinos frequently rotate their dealers and swap out the decks in play to prevent cheating. If players suspect foul play, they are encouraged to request a fresh deck of cards to ensure fair play.

In some cases, casino cheaters have gone to extreme lengths to carry out their schemes. For example, in 1973, Monique Laurent, one of the most notorious casino cheaters of all time, colluded with a roulette dealer to use a remote-controlled device on the roulette ball, allowing it to drop into a specific slot. This elaborate scam was the inspiration for the film “Les Tricheurs” (“The Cheaters”).

In conclusion, cheating in online casino games is virtually impossible due to the technology in place, and strategies to prevent cheating in physical casinos continue to evolve. Players can rest assured that fair play is a top priority in the gambling industry.

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