This September, the American Casino Guide released a newsletter with updates on the guidebook and The Jackpot Gents. The newsletter also features an interview with Craig Shacklett, Co-Founder and CEO of, which discusses how to get free casino cruises and other offers.

In the interview, Steve and Matt talk with Shacklett about the website and how it allows users to use casino offers to qualify for free cruises and stays at land-based casinos across the U.S. The American Casino Guide also added printable strategy charts for Ultimate X to The Jackpot Gents site, providing video poker fans with valuable resources.

The newsletter also encourages readers to join The Jackpot Gents every Monday night for their livestream at 8 p.m. EST. Viewers can watch them play video poker live from the casino floor and interact with them during the games. Additionally, the newsletter announces that The Jackpot Gents will be streaming from Resorts World in Las Vegas on October 9.

Furthermore, the American Casino Guide included educational content for Ultimate X fans, with in-depth strategy charts for Ultimate X Bonus Poker now available. The guidebook website offers numerous articles, videos, and strategy charts to help players improve at no cost. The Jackpot Gents release a new video every day, showing their video poker play in a real casino. They play for about 20 minutes and show their results for the day at the end of each video.

Lastly, the newsletter mentions that the American Casino Guide publishes a list of the best casino promotions in Las Vegas every month. The team signs off by stating ‘See you next month!’ and encourages readers to engage with their content on the website and YouTube channel.

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