Playing a nut flush draw in poker can give a player a distinct advantage, especially when it comes to playing in position. Here are the best ways to play both in position and out-of-position with a nut flush in poker.

In Position As the Player Who Called Pre-Flop:
When playing in position as the player who called pre-flop, you have the advantage of acting with the most information and getting the last say regarding the size of the pot. This advantage allows you to gain more equity, as you can check back on the river if you miss your draw and potentially win if your opponent has a missed hand. Therefore, there is more incentive to call (rather than raise) with nut flush draws when you are in position.

Out of Position As the Player Who Called Pre-Flop:
Playing out of position is different, as you don’t have the option to check to see the next card or showdown. If you miss your draw, your opponent can often bluff you off of your hand. This reduced ability to reach showdown makes it more favorable to check-raise nut flush draws when out of position.

When To Be Aggressive and When To Be Cautious:
It’s important to mix in some bets and raises with a flush draw on the flop. However, it’s crucial to differentiate between strong and weak flush draws. Strong flush draws, king-high draws, and those with two overcards to the board are considered stronger hands and should be bet and raised more often. This gives you more confidence to play on if someone fights back.

How Often Does the Nut Flush Draw Hit in Poker?
Statistically, a flush draw or nut flush draw is expected to hit around 19.1% of the time while heading from flop to turn, and around 19.6% of the time while heading from the turn to the river. There is a slight increase in the likelihood of hitting a flush-completing card when heading from the turn to the river due to there being one less card in the deck.

Good Implied Odds for Flush Draws: Stack Size
Considering stack size is important when playing flush draws, as it can affect the implied odds. Understanding the statistics and best strategies for playing nut flush draws can give poker players an edge at the table.

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