Live cash games are a whole different ball game compared to online poker. The betting sizes, player tendencies, and game pace are all unique to live games. When it comes to opening preflop raises in live cash games, the norm is to encounter players opening for 5x, 6x, or even more, especially in lower-stakes games. This is a significant difference from online cash games where players may open for 2x, 2.5x, or 3x the big blind.

In poker tournaments, live players also tend to overbet, especially those who are inexperienced and struggle to keep track of pot sizes. The looser play exhibited by live players results in more calls and multi-way pots, unlike in online poker real money games where there are generally fewer multi-way situations.

One major difference between live and online play is the calling versus folding tendencies of players. Live players are generally looser with their preflop calls, but when it comes to postflop play, online players are more likely to make substantial calls with weak or medium-strength hands. This means that big river bluffs tend to be more successful in live games.

The pace of the game also differs significantly between live and online poker. With online poker being considerably faster, players report experiencing bad beats more often in online games, particularly at the micro and lower-limit games.

Variance, which refers to the “swings” players may endure in poker, is higher in online play due to the faster pace of the game. This can lead to increased bankroll swings, requiring a different approach to bankroll management compared to playing live poker.

Another notable difference is the presence of tells in online and live poker. While online tells are mainly based on betting patterns, live poker tells are physical actions and behaviors that can give insights into a player’s hand.

Overall, there are numerous differences between live and online poker, including betting sizes, player tendencies, game pace, variance, and tells. Understanding these differences is crucial for players looking to transition from online to live poker, or vice versa.

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