Double Up Blackjack is a visually stunning game that offers both landscape and portrait formats, depending on the player’s device. The game is set on a detailed blackjack table with customizable colored felt options including red, blue, green, or magenta. At the bottom of the table, players can find positions labeled “Bonus 16,” “Place Bet,” and “Double Up,” while wagers are tracked in the center. Additionally, a brief description of the game’s rules, the potential winnings based on the dealer’s cards, and the table limits per hand are displayed.

The game features simple yet effective sound effects with each action having an accompanying sound. Furthermore, a voice-over communicates specific events in the game, such as when the dealer or player gets blackjack or busts.

Players begin by deciding their wager, with a minimum of $0.1 and a maximum of $100 per hand. The game deals one card to the player and dealer, both face up, followed by a second card to the player and dealer, but the dealer’s second card is face down. If the player receives a natural 21, their payout odds will be +150.

During the game, players can decide to place an insurance side bet if the dealer’s upcard is an ace, costing half of the original wager and protecting against the dealer having blackjack, with payout odds of +200. Players can choose to stand, hit, double up their wager, or split if they have a pair of cards, followed by a double-up.

Once the player stands, the dealer plays out their hand as normal. The dealer must draw if their hand is less than 17, hit if they have a soft 17, and if their hand is equal to 16, it’s considered a draw. Similar games to Double Up Blackjack are BetMGM Blackjack Pro, BetMGM Infinite Blackjack, Blackjack Fortune Spinner, First Person Lightning Blackjack, and NHL Blackjack.

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