The American Casino Guide Book has recently released a series of educational gambling videos on their YouTube channel, all created using AI technology. These short videos cover various topics related to gambling and casinos, including a fun five-question casino quiz. The team encourages viewers to check out the channel and provide feedback on the new video content.

In addition to the educational videos, The Jackpot Gents, Steve and Matt Bourie, are inviting viewers to join them every Monday night for a live video poker stream at 8 p.m. EST. The livestream takes place at the Casino @ Dania Beach in south Florida, where viewers can watch the duo play video poker live from the casino floor. The Jackpot Gents encourage viewers to engage with them during the stream and also provide the option to watch the stream later if they miss the live session.

For those looking to improve their video poker skills, the American Casino Guide Book offers a “How to Play Video Poker” section on their website. This section includes articles, videos, and free strategy charts to help players enhance their video poker play. All these resources are available for free on the website, allowing players to learn and practice their skills at their own pace.

Moreover, The Jackpot Gents release a new video every day at 9:30 a.m. EST, showcasing their video poker play in a real casino. Viewers can watch the duo play for about 30 minutes and see their results for the day, as well as a win/loss total for the year. The Jackpot Gents are known for their thrilling video poker play, with bets ranging from $25 per spin to as much as $125 per spin on hundred play games.

In addition to their online content, the American Casino Guide Book also publishes a list of the best casino promotions every month for Las Vegas, allowing visitors to find the best deals and offers when visiting the city’s casinos. GCBOSE

Overall, the American Casino Guide Book and The Jackpot Gents are providing a wealth of educational and entertaining content for casino enthusiasts, offering tips, strategies, and real-time video poker play for viewers to enjoy and learn from. Whether they are new to gambling or seasoned players, there is something for everyone to enjoy and benefit from on the channels.

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