The base game of Tutan’s Treasure offers the interesting feature of being able to buy additional spins once you’ve used your initial five spins. You can continue playing as long as you’d like or can afford to, with the cost of each new spin displayed on the spin button. The cost will vary based on the state of your grid and the potential prizes available. If you haven’t won anything, you can also choose to end the game without buying more spins, allowing you to start a new round with new artifacts and a new stake.

Although Tutan’s Treasure doesn’t have a traditional slots bonus round, there are free spins symbols that activate as they land, giving you an extra spin for each symbol. While the game doesn’t have a jackpot slot, the ability to choose your playing field means you can also choose how much you qualify to win, with a broad range in the value of each artifact. The lowest-value artifact is the Shen Ring, paying 0.4x your stake, while the highest-value artifact, the Amun statue, is worth 2,450x. With additional combinations in play, the max payout in Tutan’s Treasure is 2800x your stake.

If you enjoy the Egyptian-themed mysticism and Slingo game dynamics, there are similar games you may enjoy, such as Slingo Cleopatra, Scarab Kingdom, and Eye of Horus: Rise of Egypt.

Tutan’s Treasure is a unique combination of slot and bingo mechanics set against an immersive Egyptian backdrop, making it one of the best online slots available. The blend of these two game dynamics makes the Slingo series a popular option for those exploring the best online casinos. You can register with BetMGM to take advantage of this unique experience and play Slingo to find Tutan’s Treasure.

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