Six-Figure Sundays are making a triumphant return, and BetMGM Poker has announced two dates in November and December of 2023 for players to compete for a guaranteed $100,000 prize pool.

Luke Staudenmaier, BetMGM’s Director of Poker, expressed excitement for the increased interest in larger buy-ins and higher stakes events during the BetMGM Online Championship series. He also mentioned that the headline series will return in 2024, but for now, they are focused on ending 2023 in an exhilarating manner.

The tournament details are as follows:

Date: November 19 and December 17, 2023.
Location: The BetMGM Poker app. Only available to players in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.
Start Time: 6 PM EST
Buy-In: $100,000
Guaranteed Prize Pool: $100,000
Blind Levels: 12–15 minutes.
Tournament Type: No-limit hold’em, including re-entries during the registration period.
Support Qualifiers: A concurrent SFS Pick-A-Card promotion will be held alongside the event to engage qualifiers. Qualifiers start from $2, allowing players of all bankroll sizes to participate.

To take part in BetMGM Poker’s Six-Figure Sunday High Roller Tournament, players need to follow these steps:

Create a BetMGM Poker account if they don’t already have one.
Log into their BetMGM Poker Account before the tournament dates.
Register for the Six-Figure Sunday High Roller Tournament.
Participants are encouraged to read the full Terms and Conditions before joining the tournament.

The tournament promises an exciting opportunity for poker enthusiasts to end the year with a shot at a substantial prize pool. So, mark your calendars and get ready to compete in the BetMGM Poker’s Six-Figure Sunday High Roller Tournament in November and December.

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