The idea of “cognitive misers” refers to individuals who conserve their mental energy by making routine thought processes automatic and taking shortcuts. This approach is a key poker strategy aimed at preserving mental resources for more important decisions later on.

Relying on instincts or gut feelings in poker can be advantageous as it saves mental energy for the more critical and challenging choices during the game. By mastering skills to the point where they become instinctual, players can make decisions without conscious thought, saving energy and freeing their minds for new learning.

For example, having a Q-9 of different suits in one of the earliest positions at a nine-handed table usually constitutes an automatic fold, except for a few unusual game dynamics. However, when first learning how to play poker, this might not have been an automatic decision.

Performing equity calculations in your head every time you’re dealt low-quality hands would be mentally draining. Relying on instincts to fold a hand without actively making a decision ensures that energy levels remain high when needed.

Instinct and multi-tabling are common practices for online poker players. Playing multiple tables at once allows players to rely on their instincts and make trivial decisions without expending much mental energy, so they can focus on the big decisions they face.

Knowing when and when not to trust your gut on a poker hand is a learned behavior that can only be mastered through lots of practice and exposure to the game. For those looking to practice and improve their poker strategy, registering with BetMGM Online Casino for poker online games and tournaments can be a valuable opportunity.

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